Issue 29 | The Property Development Review

Commercial investment just got personal.

We’re the commercial investment property platform that keeps investors and agents on the same page, for once. Here you’ll find smart technology, enhanced listings, and plenty of off-street parking. And while we may be the new kids on the block, we know all the old tricks —which is why we never use them. If you’re an investor , we help you skip the scroll with our granular search tool, displaying your ideal investment with only a few clicks. Plus due diligence tools, yield calculators, property summary reports, and floor-to-ceiling windows, of course. If you’re an agent , we help you skip the small talk with our in-house media capabilities to enhance your campaign’s vi s ibility and put it in front of interested buyers. Not to mention our data-room capability helps you track your listings, seeking engagement in real-time. Whichever side of the wall you’re on, we make investing in commercial property easier, clearer, and personal. It’s about time someone did.

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